First Lady Melania Trump's questionable attire has become the focal point of her four-country African tour, along with her voicing support for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

On her third stop, Trump visited Kenya dressed in a controversial colonial-like outfit accessorized with a pith helmet, reminiscent of what 19th-century British officers wore, The Cut reports. Critics were quick to point out the historical significance of the helmet she wore on a safari while in the east African nation.

Pith helmets have become synonymous with European imperialism, subjugation and colonialism. Wearing such is another tone-deaf moment for the Trump administration. She wore a Zara jacket with the words "I Really Don't Care. Do U?" written on the back during a visit to migrant children earlier this year. 

St. Lawrence University historian Matthew Carotenuto tweeted the hat was akin to a Confederate uniform. “It’s like showing up to a meeting of African American cotton farmers in a Confederate uniform,” tweeted Carotenuto. 

Others mentioned the previous snafu while denouncing this recent fashion choice. 

Amid the controversy over the helmet, Trump wore another outfit during her stop in Egypt that appeared to harken back to early 20th-century fashion. This stop, however, was not characterized by what she wore, but her support for Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Balsey Ford, who accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault when they were teens.  

"I would say if we're talking about the Supreme Court and Judge Kavanaugh, I think he's highly qualified for the Supreme Court. I'm glad that Dr. Ford was heard, I'm glad that Judge Kavanaugh was heard. FBI investigation was done, is completed and Senate voted," Trump told CNN while in Egypt.

A final vote confirming Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was held Saturday, October 6.

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