Detroit hip-hop artist Nolan the Ninja released his debut LP he[art] back in July, but promo for the record continues with a music video for “Pennie$”. Nolan says “Reflecting while weighing my options, s**t/Should I turn to non-sense, or keep it narrow & legitimate.” Nolan speaks on money being such a necessity that sometimes we consider more drastic means in order to survive. Nolan continues in the first verse saying he means business and is predicting a future of success.

If you’re not hip to Nolan the Ninja, he[art] is one of my favorite records from this year so far. The first facet that will stand out about Nolan is his delivery. His powerful voice demands the listener’s attention. “Pennie$” was produced by Nolan himself and like the rest of the production, has an evolved old school feel to it. Despite Nolan’s commanding delivery, he’s still here to bring wisdom and to encourage us along, while also tearing apart every beat he’s presented with. he[art] is lyrical and it’s inspirational. It hits hard, but is still soothing. If you like what you hear, you can scoop he[art] here.

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