Malcolm Kenyatta is just one of several political candidates who declared victory in Tuesday's midterm elections. 

The 27-year-old is the first openly gay Black lawmaker to hold a state legislator position in Pennsylvania. 

Kenyatta will replace retiring Curtis Thomas with the Temple University graduate capturing 95.3 percent of votes. 

Back in May, Kenyatta won as Philadelphia’s 181st District nominee after a historic race against another openly gay Black male candidate, Alex Deering.

Before his time in the legislature, Kenyatta served as the campaign manager for city council candidate Sherrie Cohen and served on the board of Equality Pennsylvania. 

During his campaign, the community activist faced homophobic attacks when posters were distributed of himself and his ex-husband with the words "NO" across the sign.

In an interview with WHYY, Kenyatta shared why the representation of openly Black LGBT political figures is so imperative.

“When I grew up, there were not many Black LGBT figures in politics or public life,” he shared. “So if there are folks who can look to any aspect of who I am: ‘Malcolm’s young, Malcolm’s passionate, Malcolm’s living in his truth, Malcolm’s openly LGBT.’ That’s great.”

His victory has received an outpouring of love and support from fellow politicians and allies:

The #RainbowWave is in full effect. 

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