Mamoudou Gassama's heroism not only went viral; it won him a nickname: Spider-man.

Video footage surfaced in May of the 22-year-old man from Mali deftly scaling a building to save a 4-year-old child dangling over a balcony. The boy wandered off while his father was playing video games. Thanks to Gassama's athleticism and heroism, however, the child was safe. 


"I like children; I would have hated to see him getting hurt in front of me. I ran, and I looked for solutions to save him and thank God I scaled the front of the building to the balcony," the hero said after the rescue.

Gassama, who was an illegal migrant living in France, was initially granted French residency as a reward for his actions; however, he is now a full citizen. 

"This act of great bravery exemplifies the values which help unite our national community, such as courage, selflessness, altruism and taking care of the most vulnerable," read the official government decree awarding him his citizenship. 

President Emmanuel Macron also personally thanked Gassama.

— Sam the Sword (@SamanthaSwords) September 13, 2018

In addition to becoming a French citizen, the 22-year-old received a medal from the City of Paris and just signed a contract to begin an internship with the Paris fire department, according to the BBC. 

One person on Twitter suggested he be officially inducted into the Avengers, as well. 



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