Anyone who has played in or watched a pick-up game knows pick-up tends to be a bit more aggressive than professional ones. There's genuinely a streetball code players are expected to adhere to, and anyone who joins in a game is supposed to follow that very same code.

Well, one guy who didn't get the memo thought one of the players in his pick-up game went a bit too far and decided to get the authorities involved, according to Complex.

A group of men was playing pick-up ball at a commercial fitness center when one of the players called the police for being fouled too hard. 

One of the pick-up ballplayers present that day, Twitter user @_togs, decided to tweet a play-by-play of his account on what happened:

Photo: GIPHY

Several folks thought the dude in the shooting sleeves was the one who called the authorities, when in fact, he was the target of the call. He screened (an offensive block to make room for a teammate's shot attempt) the player who called.

The Twitter user clarified his story to someone in his mentions, doubling-down on how unnecessary the police call was since it wasn't even a "foul for real." The screen was "aggressive," and the guy ended up falling. That's it. 

what did he expect the cop to do? arrest the screener for assault? what was his end game calling police? blown away— TrollYourBoatShow (@derek8poker) July 17, 2018

All questions I’d like to know too— TrapMoneyBenny (@_togs) July 17, 2018

Either way, that dude has lost all respect in the pick-up ball community. At the very least, he likely won't be able to show his face again at that particular court.