Marc Lamont Hill had a firm message for Black Americans on Tuesday, telling them why they should be concerned with Israel's ongoing attack on Gaza.

The Black News Tonight host said there are several reasons why Black people should care about what's happening to Palestinians.

"As Black Americans, we are taxpayers," he said. "As long as the United States continues to fund Israel with up to four billion in funding for their military, supply them with weapons and help them sustain what's going on over there, we are responsible."

The host dove deeper into history, saying Black people always stood in solidarity with those facing injustice and that must continue now.

"Black folks have always been the conscience of this nation," he said. "That's why we said 'what's happening in South Africa is wrong.' We were getting beaten by police, we were getting shot by police, we were getting killed by Reaganomics and George Bush after that, but we still continued to side with South Africa. Why? Because we needed to be on the right side of history."

To those who say Black people shouldn't care about Palestinians, Lamont urged them to change their perspective, saying the issues around the world are driven by the same factors. The host said capitalism, homophobia and racism are a core part of injustice systems around the world.

"If you want to stop oppression here, you have to stop oppression everywhere," he said.