Rikers Island correction officer Alain Samba was arrested after the fatal shooting of 35-year-old Marie Faye. The incident happened overnight on Wednesday in Faye's Bronx apartment, Pix 11 News reports. 

Police found Faye wounded, and 42-year-old Samba with a gun. Samba was off-duty at the time of the tragic incident. Sources told Pix 11 News that Samba claimed to be cleaning his gun when the weapon fired on accident. 

Officials confirmed that Faye was rushed to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, where she died. 

Samba was charged with criminally negligent homicide, and according to the NY Daily News, his arraignment is pending. The NY Post reports that Faye was Samba's girlfriend, which has some people questioning whether the occurence was a domestic violence incident. 

“He works a lot,” a neighbor told the NY Daily News about Samba. “I don’t see him much because he’s always working." The neighbor also said that Samba has two children who live with their biological mother. 

"She smiled all the time. I could not say one negative thing about her," said Jose Perez, Fayes's apartment, building superintendent. "She was a fantastic person. Her career as a nurse was taking off. I can't believe this happened."