White ChicksThis certainly won’t be the first time that a potential sequel to the 2004 Wayans Brothers comedy, "White Chicks," has been tossed around.

In 2009, there seemed to be some real movement on one, which, as I recall, many of you who were readers of S&A at the time (all 50 of you), thought was actually a hoax. But it was very real. 

The Wayans Brothers and Sony were reportedly developing a sequel to the comedy, which was to see Marlon and Shawn Wayans reprise their roles as sibling FBI agents posing as a pair of white ladies. Keenen Ivory Wayans was said to be on board to direct the sequel, which all three Wayans were writing the script for. The plot for the new entry was kept under wraps.

Six years later, Marlon Wayans seems to still want to move ahead with "White Chicks 2" as the actor/comedian took to his Instagram page, where he posted a mock-up of a poster for "White Chicks 2," and told his 1.1 million followers that if they were interested in a sequel, they should *like* the photo. And if it got 300,000 *likes* it would be his next movie (with his brother Shawn, of course). 

As of the time of this posting, the image has received over 420,000 *likes* on Instagram, and an additional 700,000 (and counting) on his Facebook fan page. So should we expect an official announcement of "White Chicks 2" soon? Time will tell if this was just a joke, or a real survey to see if a sequel is something that audiences will want to see. He’s certainly received a ton more than the 300,000 he requested. 

And if it is greenlit, I do wonder how a film about a pair of black dudes in "white face" dressed up as women, will play in 2015/2016 (whenever the film is released), especially in a racial climate in this country that’s, at best, on shaky ground, in light of recent events. Also, the increased attention being given to gender biases within the movie industry may make the environment for a film like this even less predictable. 

The original "White Chicks" was a surprise hit, grossing almost $70 million domestically on a budget of around $37 million. Its worldwide gross was $113 million.

Stay tuned…