It’s officially the holiday season, which means family, fellowship and, most importantly, good food are among us!

For television personality and entrepreneur Matt James, Friendsgiving is fast approaching.

This year, The Bachelor alum offers a twist on everyone’s favorite dish: mashed potatoes.

“Friendsgiving to me is an excuse for friends to get together, typically around food, just to celebrate everything,” James told Blavity in a recent interview. “I mean good health, being supportive, a time to reconnect because we’re so busy nowadays … it’s just an excuse to get in front of somebody and catch up. That’s what we use it for, and anytime I’ve gone to Friendsgiving, no one leaves with an empty stomach.”

What’s more, James, who said he usually just brings the vibes and good energy, will be contributing to the meals for the festivities with the latest mashup with Lay’s.

“When I saw that people were boiling down potato chips to make mashed potatoes, I was hooked,” he said. “Like, we see a lot of crazy things online, but when that crazy thing yields a delicious product, I’m double hooked.”

He continued, “So when I tried it and it was delicious, I was like, ‘Oh, this is gonna be a hit.’ But I guess it’s only a hit and it only works because Lay’s uses real potatoes, and seeing an opportunity for people to take this moment to create something that can bring so much joy to their Friendsgiving going into the holidays, it means a lot. Also, anyone can do it. You don’t need to go to culinary school to put this recipe together. It’s easy enough so that if you’ve got a stovetop, you can be a master chef for the day.”

Photo: Lay’s

Moreover, James revealed that partnering with Lay’s on the dish made him admire the people who prepare food for their loved ones to enjoy during the holidays.

“I have more of an appreciation for people who are preparing food because I am a tough critic on the end product, and it’s not people who prepare a meal wanting it not to taste good, you know what I mean? If it happens to not taste good, you know that something probably went wrong somewhere in those steps,” he said. “In those steps with me because there were a lot of iterations of the recipe, where it wasn’t coming out how I wanted it to taste, so when I finally got the master recipe, I was like, ‘Man, I’m gonna be a little bit easier on people who have been going in and trying to perfect the final product.’ Creating my dish has been pretty difficult … fine-tuning to just get it right.”

Fans have the chance to enter a giveaway for their very own “Potato Chip to Potato Dish with Matt James” kit by simply following Lay’s and Matt James on Instagram, liking the launch post, commenting with a potato emoji and using the hashtags #LaysMashedPotatoes and #Sweepstakes.