MSNBC's treatment of one of the timeline's very favorite Black woman intellectuals has been hard to watch. However, Melissa Harris-Perry has done nothing but handle the situation with a strength that can only come down on an Ultralight Beam straight from the ancestors themselves. MHP took to the tweets because she had a visionary stream of consciousness that was placed on her spirit. And we all enjoyed

1. MHP is done playing nice, she's about that action

2. She began with a read

3. After which, she made sure we knew she loves us

4. And then came the receipts

5.  Another one

Somebody was definitely sitting in the office like:

Photo: Giphy
Photo: Giphy

6. Also, the best use of this gif in the history of Black Twitter

7. And we all celebrated this read the right way – with hashtags, memes, & gifs


Photo: Giphy
Photo: giphy

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