Michael B. Jordan is venturing into the health food space. The Creed star has launched MOSS, a sea moss beverage available nationwide. The 36-year-old launched the brand in partnership with his investment firm Outlier Society Ventures and health food supplier Dr. SMood.

“In today’s world where people are increasingly disconnected, MOSS is turning to the ocean to bring balance back to our lives,” said the brand in a statement received by Blavity. “The ultimate source of refreshment, the ocean’s endless waters are full of raw potential that enlivens both our body and minds. By harnessing the potency of sea moss and blending it with organic juices, botanical extracts, and herbs, MOSS offers straight-from-the-sea refreshment in a new, ready-to-drink form.” 

The introductory line of MOSS includes three well-developed flavors: pure, pomegranate, and mango ginger. According to the brand, the formulas”feature ingredients such as sea moss, ashwagandha, and ginseng to awaken the senses, enhance vitality, and center us in the present moment.”

The brand describes the pure flavor as “sea moss you can drink — in its purest form,” adding that it’s infused with “sweet lime for a subtle citrus taste.” MOSS also utilizes reverse “osmosis water” to ensure pure, long-lasting hydration.

The brand calls its Pomegranate variety the “perfect amount of natural sweetness.” The light tart flavor results from organic pomegranate juice concentrate, organic black currant essence, organic hibiscus extract, organic orange extract and organic monk fruit.

Photo: MOSS

The energizing Mango Ginger provides a kick with a tropical flair. Mango juice and ginger give a refreshing boost. The brand lists lime juice concentrate, organic mango extract, organic ginger extract and organic monk fruit as the main ingredients. A special edition of Mango Ginger + Ashwagandha and Eleuthero Ginseng is also up for grabs.

Photo: MOSS

MOSS is dedicated to the wellness of its clients’ environments as well as their bodies.

“MOSS strives to ignite a wave of wellness and believes that the wellbeing of individuals and communities is inextricably linked to the health of our planet,” the brand stated.

The beverage company commits to sustainability by using packaging verified as plastic-free by Oceanic Global’s Blue Standard. Reportedly, MOSS has already committed over $25,000 to organizations that work to preserve the ocean and support the communities whose livelihood depends on it.

MOSS has already committed to donating to organizations, including Intersxtn Surf, Pacific Town Club, Tea Party for Black Girls, and Oceanic Global.

Photo: MOSS

MOSS drinks can be purchased online at MossWorld.com and Amazon. MOSS can also be found nationwide at leading health food retailers, including Sprouts, Erewhon, Bristol Farms, Lassen’s, Fresh Thyme, Central Market, 1Hotels, Dr Smood, and Community Goods.

Which flavor will you be trying first?