Michelle Obama continues to help lead the movement to ensure all Americans are politically engaged.

On Friday, non-partisan nonprofit organization When We All Vote launched the #VotingSquad campaign, a digital movement which raises awareness about the importance of using your political voice to get others to vote.

In the campaign video, Mrs. Obama, the org’s co-chair, reminds Americans of their ability to encourage others to be politically active:

“I learned a little secret. You are the best messengers to get out the vote,” the former FLOTUS said. “You know who's too busy or too forgetful or who might flake out on Election Day.”

With less than two weeks until the November 6 midterm elections, she encouraged voters to remind at least five people from family to friends to get out and vote by either voting early, by absentee, by mail or at the polls on Election Day. 

“Just pick at least five people for your Voting Squad. Then do whatever it takes to get them to vote,” Obama added.

She then challenged fellow celebrity When We All Vote co-chairs Tom Hanks, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Janelle Monáe, Chris Paul, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw to create their digital campaign ad in joining the call-to-action.

In early September, When We All Vote hosted National Week of Action, which brought together 200,000 volunteers and partners to host 2,500 grassroots events to raise voter awareness.

Sign up here to form your voting squad.

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