It's the end of an era as 2 Dope Queens, the popular podcast hosted by Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, has released its last episode. Though fans will be sad about this news, the duo is ending their podcast run with a bang by featuring the dopest guest ever: Michelle Obama.

The two chatted with forever first lady about politics, her "when they go low, we go high" statement and, of course, hair. 

After discussing wigs, Williams and Robinson asked Obama about the pressure of keeping her hair looking a certain way while existing in "such a public space." 

"Well, you know, the first thing you've gotta worry about is how to keep it healthy," Obama replied. "My whole goal was I want to end this with hair on my head. … And so now you've got to think about how do you do that, you know? What are you doing? And are you swimming? Are you working out? But this wasn't just a first lady journey. This is a Black professional women's journey."


The former first lady also pointed out she played around with various styles while living on Pennsylvania Avenue, including "braids, weaves, wigs [and] extensions" just like a typical Black woman would.

Additionally, Obama revealed she was firm both about not using heat and being flexible with her hair due to her physically active lifestyle. 

"Baseball cap, you know, that kind of stuff where I could work out, not worry about it, not have to put eyelashes on and all that sort of stuff," Michelle said. "So, we structured days around hair and makeup."

However, sometimes the duties of a first lady meant giving her hair a break wasn't an option for Obama.

"There were some periods where, like holidays, it was like every day. Because we'd have to host parties every day. We'd open up the White House almost every day from Thanksgiving until like the 19th. Every day. December was the tough hair month."

What did the forever FLOTUS do to survive eight intense Decembers? Well, she did this: "pull it back, give it a break."

Throughout two terms at the White House, Obama said she developed "a whole strategy for hair that I'm sure a lot of white women are sitting over there going, 'Man, I didn't know all that was going on.'"

Mrs. Obama is just like us! 

At the end of the stellar interview, the two pop culture stars waved goodbye to their dedicated podcast listeners in a post to WNYC Studios.  

“In the words of Boyz II Men, it’s the ‘end of the road,’" Robinson and Williams wrote. "We want to thank you, listeners, for being with us from the very beginning. We are so honored to have gotten the chance to go on this ride with you. Our show started in a hot basement in Brooklyn, and now we’re selling out theaters across the country. We could not have done it without you.”


The next iteration of 2 Dope Queens will take the form of HBO specials set to air in 2019, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

You can listen to the full Obama episode below:


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