Michelle Williams is proving she’s not one to be messed with in Lifetime’s new thriller Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins.

In the latest installment of the T.D. Jakes produced Seven Deadly Sins film franchise, Williams plays Chastity Jeffries, a lawyer who meets Xavier Collins (Antonio Cupo). On the surface, Xavier is prince charming: handsome, smart, and also a lawyer. But Chastity quickly learns that Xavier’s affinity for her is actually manic obsession. She discovers she’s fallen too deeply and is losing herself in the relationship and decides it’s best to end things. But Xavier has a difficult time letting go. She confides in her mother Sarah (Tina Knowles-Lawson) and her childhood boyfriend Roger Thompkins (Romeo Miller) for support. In the end, she has to fight for her freedom.

Williams is no stranger to the ups and downs of love. Even more so, she understands firsthand how it can impact one’s psyche. The Masked Singer alum recently spoke with Shadow and Act about preparing for the role. Williams also opens up about working alongside Knowles-Lawson in the movie, new music, mental health and more.

The Destiny’s Child alum says she relates to her character in ‘Wrath’ on a personal and professional level

In Wrath, Williams stars as Chastity, like many career-driven women, Chastity has it all professionally but her love life has suffered. Williams has been open about her own struggles in the love department with having a successful singing career and feeling as if she’s sometimes fell short on the romantic side. It’s one of the reasons she fell in love with the script. 

“Chastity has been striving for a little bit of perfection. She wants to make her father proud. She’s also so great in her career, but maybe she’s not making the best decisions as it relates to her love life,” Williams told us in a recent interview. “And a lot of people can resonate. You focus so much on the career you’ve got going on, but that doesn’t mean your emotional intelligence and what you choose, love-wise, is always the best. So, unfortunately, that has resonated with me as well.”

Williams explains the difference between seeking vengeance and standing up for oneself

In the movie, Chastity has to take matters into her own hands when her ex becomes obsessive and refuses to move on. The lesson can also be applied to other situations where Williams says it’s difficult to always take the high road when one feels as if they’ve been wronged.

“I feel like God gives us the strength to do what we can do. And then he steps in and does what we cannot do,” she said. “But there’s also this scripture about ‘be angry, but don’t sin.’ So it’s like wrath is intense anger, so the balance of being angry and don’t sin, don’t let the sun go down on your wrath… I don’t care how much Bible you know [or] how much meditation you do, you might find yourself every now and then forgetting everything that you know.”

Watch the full interview above. The film airs Saturday at 8 p.m.