Tensions are high in part of Georgia's electorate. The state has drawn eyes from around the world as Stacey Abrams works to become the first Black woman to become a governor in U.S. history. Some in the state very much do not want to see that happen.

On Saturday, militia The III% Security Force Intel encouraged its Facebook followers to prepare for the Georgia election with a literal call to arms, Newsweek reports. The message, which included the phrase, "Guns up," announced the militia's support for President Trump and its opposition to Abrams. The group misspelled the candidate's name and referred to her as a "flag burning, gun grabbing, socialist b****h."

The militia, which wrote "we have President Trump's 6," asked "President Trump to kick the s**t out of deep state/police state," and warned Abrams "we will defend our state and the Second Amendment if the Democratic Party regains control following the midterm elections."

The III% group has over 22,000 members. Newsweek reports Danish reporters found a number of the militia's members training in a "Georgia forest," preparing "for a fight against the Democratic Party after the midterm election."

Amid these highly disturbing threats, Abrams has had to tackle an investigation into her party, NBC News reports. As 2018 campaigning comes to an end, Abrams' Republican rival, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, has launched an investigation into an alleged Democratic Party hack of the state's voter registration system.

The Democratic Party has pushed back against these allegations, and have suggested Kemp is using his authority as secretary of state to sway voters.

"It's wrong to call it an investigation," Abrams told CNN. "It's a witch hunt that was created by someone who is abusing his power."

Kemp claims he's done nothing wrong and is merely serving the people.

"I'm doing my job," Kemp said. "This is how we would handle any investigation when something like this comes up." 

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