A Milwaukee bus driver is being labeled a hero after transit cameras captured the moment she stopped a disabled boy from walking into traffic. 

CBS News reports that Cecilia Nation-Gardner had left her layover two minutes later than usual during her shift on May 15. Gardner, a driver for the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS), had just pulled up to the bus stop at 35th and Vliet when she spotted a little boy wandering about through the busy intersection.

According to a statement from the Milwaukee Public Schools, the six-year-old is a student at Mary McLeod Bethune Academy. That day, he had apparently stepped away from his class lineup at the end of recess and remained on the playground.

"While other classes were on the playground, the child left the school grounds," the statement reads. 

The boy was sauntering very close to the center of the intersection as cars drove around him when Nation-Gardner took action.

"I knew something was wrong because this child was running in the middle of the street," she told WQAD News.

Video footage shows Nation-Gardner honking her horn to get the attention of other drivers in the area. She then jumps out of the bus and gets the boy's attention.

"Stay right there! Stop!" Nation-Gardner shouted as she ran to the boy. She took the boy's hand and led him to the bus.

"We're going to call the police, OK? So we can get you home," she told the boy as he climbed into the bus. 

Police officers arrived a short time later and even helped the boy tie his shoes before reuniting him with his mom. 

Nation-Gardner has since been labeled a "hero" across social media, but she's just happy that the boy wasn't killed in traffic.

"It was meant for me to be there," Nation-Gardner said. "God does everything for a reason."

On Friday, Nation-Gardner met the young boy's mom for the first time.

"I was so grateful for her. I'm speechless because if it wasn't for her he wouldn't even been here," the boy's mother, Cassandra Garrett, said. "I will be forever grateful for her, to her, because she saved my baby."

According to MCTS, this is the tenth lost or missing child found by one of their drivers recent years. 

Watch the video below of the heroic bus driver in action and let us know what you think!