A Mississippi's classroom door decoration teaching students the truth about their ancestors in honor of Black History Month has gone viral. 

Jovan Bradshaw, a Magnolia Middle School (MMS) teacher in Moss Point, Mississippi, creatively took door decorating for the honorary month to another level. Per Wave 3 News, the sixth-grade math instructor decided to teach her students about the strength of slaves who were brought to America.

“So many of our African-American students don’t know where they come from," Bradshaw said. "All they are taught is slavery, the servitude side only."

Since sharing the image of her door via Facebook on Thursday, she has received over 100,000 shares and more than 7,000 likes. 

Bradshaw shared with the news publication that she made the door, which was inspired by a quote from author Nadine Drayton-Keen, after a student told her slaves could not do much because they weren't able to read or write. She corrected the young boy by explaining if he were brought from a place like China or Africa, he would not know the foreign language either. 

Bradshaw, who is currently running for teacher of the year at the school, explained how she is a woke teacher who will continue to create awareness among her students.

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According to Yahoo News, the 40-year-old originally planned to cover her door with a Black woman donning an afro until her student made his statement.

Bradshaw set up a GoFundMe page in honor of her efforts to "stay dropping knowledge." 

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