Two Black women who appear in a newly released episode of Netflix's Queer Eye have revealed they've sold out of their barbecue sauce in record time.

Deborah and Mary Jones, the sisters known respectively as 'Little' and 'Shorty' in their hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, appear on the third episode of the third season of Queer Eye. Refinery29 reports the Kansas City pitmasters are the only women in the city who grill professionally. The sisters work out of their restaurant, Jones Bar-B-Q.

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According to The Kansas City Star, the sisters "underwent one of the most extreme transformations" of the season. The barbecue masters gripped the hearts of many viewers, which led to an increased demand for their food and their bottled barbecue sauce.

"As of yesterday morning, we sold 11,000 bottles," the pair wrote on Instagram Monday. "We averaged 1.7 bottles per minute this weekend. We are feeling so much love and support from all of you."

The restaurant sells 15-ounce bottles of its sauce online for $6.99 each. If they sold 1.7 bottles per minute, the sisters netted nearly $76,890 over two days.

The pitmasters also asked for patience from new customers, noting the surprise support has led to a delay in processing.

The new demand for their sauce has the Jones sisters looking forward to stocking their product in stores and shipping internationally.

The two sisters also took to Instagram to thank the Queer Eye crew for their help and also thanked everyone who has wished them well on their business journey.

"We have received so much love and support from all around the world since our @queereye episode aired on Friday," the caption reads. "We are feeling so blessed and want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your thoughtful and touching messages. Your words are so meaningful. "

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