A white woman who went viral for posing a photo of herself in blackface and using the word "n****r" on social media is now defending her actions, arguing the slur has several meanings.

Jessica Rebello, a Massachusetts woman, posted a photo of herself and a friend in charcoal masks on Facebook with the caption, "We the n****s of the house," Yahoo reports. The post, accompanied by smiley and kissy emojis, spread like wildfire online, causing an uproar.


Rebello attempted to defend herself from accusations of racism, calling out people who lashed out at her with harsh words.

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“To all the ones not in my inbox with the racist comments, I apologize if you felt offended cuz that wasn’t the intention behind the post,” Rebello wrote. “To those that are claiming racism but yet you’re in my inbox with racist comments toward all whites, next time don’t assume things."


Rebello refused to disavow her caption, however. She defended her use of "n****r" by claiming the derogatory term has several meanings listed on the crowdsourced site Urban Dictionary, an online reference for slang vocabulary.

“For all the people that wanna claim there’s only one meaning of the word and that it’s nothing more than a derogatory term toward Blacks, do yourselves a favor and go on the Urban Dictionary," Rebello later wrote. "Cuz there’s about ten definitions of the term and not all of them are racist.”

Rebello also said her posing in blackface and calling herself and a friend "house n****s" was not a "racial dig,” but a “joke.”

The Falls River Reporter notes many online have called for Rebello to be fired from Amazon, the place of employment listed on the woman's Facebook page. However, Amazon has issued a statement that says the tech giant has not employed Rebello since April 2018.

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