Missy Elliott is showing love to her hometown in a big way!

In late 2022, the creative genius’ birthplace of Portsmouth proclaimed Oct. 17 as “Missy Elliott Day.” This year, the “Supa Dupa Fly” rapper, who has sold over 30 million records, is pouring back into her community to celebrate the one-year anniversary. While visiting her old stomping grounds, Elliott donated $50,000 to the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority to help families who were behind on their rent.

As People reported, Elliott presented the check at the Dr. O. Marriner Family Life Center at Grove Church; Alisa Winston, the organization’s executive director, also joined. While talking to community members, Elliott shared that her donation wasn’t an overnight idea.

“Instead of it being a celebration of Missy Elliott, you know about me, I wanted to give back and let that be the celebration of Missy Elliott, just to show that I love everybody out here,” she said to the crowd.

Elliott credited her mother, Patricia Elliot, who was in attendance, for her “giving heart.”

“Just know that P-town is with me no matter where I go,” the four-time Grammy winner said. “I love my city. I love my state. I love everything about it. Everything about Missy comes from here — the hospitality, the humility, the confidence — if you mess with me, it’s a problem. We sweet, but don’t try us.”

Following the special moment, Winston announced that Elliott’s gift was enough to cover the rent of 26 struggling families, which made her mom proud.

“So when you give, you give because you remember those days when you didn’t have,” Patricia said to a local news outlet, according to People. “If each person would give when they get to the top, then, what a real beautiful world we would be in.”

During last year’s commemoration of “Missy Elliott Day,” Portsmouth officials also revealed the long-time road known as McLean Street was modified to Missy Elliott Boulevard. On Thursday, the 52-year-old artist posted several Instagram photos featuring her standing under the street sign.

“I been through MANY ups & downs but it’s nothing like having FAITH! God I Thank you for your FAVOR🙏🏾 If anybody feel like quitting NO🙅🏾‍♀️just hang in there your BLESSING may be coming sooner than you think,” she captioned the slideshow. “Just keep PUSHING even through tough times! You built for this🫵🏾💪🏾💜”