Monét X Change may be bringing Big Brother-like strategy to RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, but make no mistake– she just came to have fun!

If you are familiar with Sibling Rivalry (or its spinoff, Sibling Watchery), Monét and her drag sister/fellow Drag Race winner Bob the Drag Queen often teased and joked about wanting an all-winners themed season of Drag Race and what they’d do on it.

“Every time we did Watchery, we’d say things like, ‘If I was there, I would do this.’ And we were right off the heels of season 13,” said Monét on why she came back. “Even people watching at home, you know, everyone wants to [hear] like, ‘Why did she do this, why did she do that?’ That never leaves you, especially when you’re like actively reviewing seasons of Drag Race. So they caught me at a vulnerable time, and I was like ‘Hmmm… maybe!’ And then I had some things on the calendar that I had to move around to do it. But I think you know, I was like…why not? Let’s go and do it. Because I had nothing to prove. I didn’t I needed to win again. I’ve already won. I won Miss Congeniality, I won all of the things that Drag Race has to offer you. So I was like, literally, this is only for fun. That’s what I’m doing. Also, I’m playing this strategic game and even though [the other queens] aren’t really engaging with me [laughs], I’m having a blast because I’m having fun.”

The season’s non-elimination format has been refreshing to see and fans, many of whom probably thought this would mean less drama, have been incredibly here for the lighter experience. A lot of folks already call this the best season of Drag Race ever.

“I think it feels right for all winners,” Monét said in regards to the format change. “We have all won the show and I don’t think this is something that they’re going to do for a regular All Stars season. And Ru has done such a great job so far this season. On camera y’all have seen him, but also off-camera, he’s telling how proud he is of all of us [and] how great the work [is] we’re doing. When we’re doing challenges, he’s back behind the camera laughing on set or watching them in real-time. When we come out on the runway and he’ll say, ‘My God, look at how beautiful you all look,’ — that was his disposition the entire time. I think Ru wanted this to be a celebration of his winners, and I think that’s why the fans are enjoying this season because they also want to celebrate us.”

In the season so far Monét her “twinner,” All Starrs 4 co-winner Trinity the Tuck have formed an alliance in which they won’t block each other. It’s one example of a Survivor-style type of play and social game that she wanted to do in the season. Though the All Stars format lends itself to sneaky gameplay like this, we rarely see it take place. Rolaskatox kept each other safe in Season 2 and Naomi Smalls “Manilla’d” Manilla Luzon in season 4 (Monét was also prepared to do so). But until UK Versus The World, most All Stars played it safe.

On her All Stars 7 strategy, Monét explains, “That was one of the things I want to do for myself coming back. I was like, ‘If you’re gonna go girl, you’re gonna play a play the game and have a good time.’ And I think that this strategy is working for me. And you know, obviously, I didn’t get to The Vivienne in time, because I wasn’t blocked this week [laughs]. But that’s fine. It’s part of the game, and now that I have been blocked, I’m gonna move past it and see how my strategy fits into me being blocked. Who knows what’s gonna happen later on in the season. Maybe if I get the chance to block someone, oh baby, you know, I’m coming for that I’m coming from that British b****h. I’m getting that ass together [laughs]. But if not, then I’ll have to eat it. We’ll see what happens.”

The All Stars 4 winner has always described herself as having a “love-hate” relationship with Snatch Game, doing well in season 10 and giving a safe performance in All Stars 4. This season, she gave a double-whammy of a performance with Mike Tyson and Sheneneh from Martin. And especially considering the latter, if you got it, you got it — and if you didn’t, oh well.

“Ru says this all the time– he’s like you have to pick somebody you’re not afraid to make fun of…someone that you can be really irreverent about,” she recalled. That’s how I feel about Mike Tyson. And Sheneneh Jenkins was really for the culture. And I’m not ashamed about saying that. I do stuff that people who aren’t from my own experience won’t always get it– and that’s fine. If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, you don’t. And with my first runway look, that’s why I did that. A lot of the Black and brown people in my comments were like, ‘Oh b***ch, work. I get that.’ A lot of people who don’t have that experience were like, ‘Why Timberland boots with a tracksuit?’ Well, b***ch, you obviously don’t understand the culture and that’s what you would wear. So I felt that with Sheneneh Jenkins too. I’ve watched I’ve seen every episode of more Martin probably seven times. I don’t do stuff to make other people happy, I do stuff that I’m proud to put on TV. And I’m happy with how that happened.”

Another thing she’s proud of is her run as the host of The Pit Stop, the official RuPaul’s Drag Race aftershow, for season 14.

“People love seeing what Drag Race girls who have gone through the machine think about show, and it’s so well done, it’s so well produced and people don’t realize it takes it’s a big team. And hosting it is also its own bag of things. Yes, I know a lot of the girls and I’m friends with a lot of them, but some of them I don’t know that well. So, in order to sit there and do the show and produce a chemistry that people can feel through the screen, that takes a lot of work too. I love to talk, so it feels very good. And me and the girls [that I don’t know] end becoming friends and we chat after that. But to create that for The Pit Stop, it does take a lot of work, which is work that I love doing, and is I’m honored anytime they ask me to host.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars airs Fridays on Paramount+.

The above interview has been condensed and shortened for clarity.