Morgan Freeman brings back early 2000s nostalgia as he sharply lip-syncs Missy Elliott's hit, "Get Ur Freak On," in a Super Bowl commercial released on Tuesday.

In the joint ad for Doritos and Mountain Dew, the 80-year-old actor engages in a rap battle with "Game of Thrones" star Peter Dinklage. The ad begins with Dinklage rapping along to a Busta Rhymes' verse from Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now," followed by Freeman, who stares directly at the camera as he raps "Get Ur Freak On." Both Rhymes and Elliott also make appearances in the ad.

Such impressive lip syncing talent does not come without practice. Previous teasers for the ad showed Rhymes and Elliott coaching the actors in preparation to square off.

In an interview with People, the iconic actor shared that learning to rap was quite the experience. "I never tried rapping before,” he shared. “If it came natural to me I think I would have made some money doing it. It didn’t come naturally at all. Talking that fast and trying to be clear is difficult for someone like me who is used to talking slow.”

As you can see, practice made perfect and they created a commercial for the books. Everyone involved was thoroughly impressed and believes it will go over well with Super Bowl fans.

Freeman has an extensive acting career and can now add "rapper" to his résumé.  

Photo: Pinterest