It goes without saying that Mr. Krabs is going through a lot these days. If you've been scrolling across timelines on nearly any social network, you'd be hard pressed not to find a disoriented Mr. Krabs attached to a situation or story that is sure to make you crack a smile or laugh. The screen grab comes from the episode of Spongebob Squarepants
called "Patty Hype" in which Spongebob goes solo after creating a formula to begin making the Krabby Patty hamburgers in an assortment of colors and it is well-received by the public. When Mr. Krabs attempts to take over the business, he finds himself unable to cope and judging by the upset faces around him, you can see he is definitely having a "Come to Jesus" moment.  Here are some of the best Mr. Krabs memes flooding the Internet right now

1. When you know you gave him the rejection hotline digits

2. That feeling when all of a sudden the prayer over dinner starts to sound like a chopped and screwed remix

3. When you find out you look better in dimly lit areas

4. "I thought the hair and outfits were lit but, on second thought..."

5. When you hear the national call to twerk but, you already paid for the drink

6. That feeling when sliding in the DMs goes wrong

7. "Not today, Satan."

8. When the March Madness spills over into all areas of your life

9. When life comes at you fast

10. When you start to ask yourself "what kind of hell is this?"

11. That feeling when suddenly you wish you hadn't laughed at all

12. When you don't want to get caught slippin

13. How Sway?

14. When you're trying to decide if you're gonna come up with a lie or just keep it G and wait until your cup is full to move

15. *starts mumbling expletives under your breath as you run to the freezer door and hear the garage door opening*

16. "But, my black friend Darrell has never said anything about it when I refer to him that way."

17. When living single wasn't all it was cracked up to be

18. That feeling when you realize only God can fill in those answers

19. When you were so close to eternal peace but, Satan had time

20. That feeling when you realize YOU are in fact Mr. Krabs

21. When exploitation reaches it's peak

22. When you about to go off on your pillow for being so aggressive when you sleep

What are some of the best captions you've seen of this Mr. Krabs meme? Share them with us in the comments.

Even Spongebob had to slip one in for the hoteps