Social media has a new “it” couple: Mrs. Netta and Charles. Famous for their chaotic skits and cooking videos, the couple has become a fixture on social feeds everywhere. 

Mrs. Netta emerged on TikTok in 2021 with phone pranks and skits based on run-ins with nosey neighbors and confrontations over her man. 

The @MrsNettaandCharles account went inactive for a while, but when she popped back up in 2023 with her boyfriend Charles, and instantly began to go viral. 

Their second video together hit 1 million views as people laughed over the Alabama duo arguing over sharing food while on vacation. From there, the couple began to show up on social media feeds with videos of Mrs. Netta showing off the elaborate meals she made for Charles. 

“Charles, your lunch is ready!” became an instant hit and tagline on TikTok and Instagram. 

Last November, Mrs. Netta shocked fans with a video serving Charles a delicious steak lunch in a silk nightgown. 

The video racked up over 9000 comments, with fans falling in love with Mrs. Netta’s sweet personality. 

“I want Ms. Netta to cook for me,” said one follower. 

One fan said they were not impressed by Charles’s reaction, “He ain’t hype enough for me when Ms Netta be cooking. Cuz I’ll be doing the irish jig eating that food 🤤”

Another follower just wanted a piece of what the funny couple has, “Chaarrrerlessss your lunch is ready🥰 and I can’t even get a text back 🙄😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️”

Charles and Mrs. Netta have gained over 600,000 followers across their multiple TikTok and Facebook pages and continue to break the internet with their outlandish lives and video clips.

Their latest shocker was an official full-length music video paying homage to their famous call to the table.

“Charles Your Lunch is Ready” was released via Mrs. Netta’s YouTube page on Wednesday, Jan.10 and has amassed almost 40k views in one day.

While dolled up in full glam, Mrs. Netta serenaded Charles while he devoured plates of fried chicken, cornbread, and hot sauce.

“I know yall want this relationship/it’s sad but it’s true/ya saying he don’t want me/ya know that s**t ain’t true/ I wish you’d mind your business and focus on you/ Cause Charles your lunch is ready/ I only cook for you,” Mrs. Netta sings, addressing any hater who questioned the relationship between her and Charles.

The song may be more than just a clapback. It may be a soundtrack.
The couple recently posted a promotional flyer for their new television show produced by Culture TV.

“Culture TV is thrilled to welcome Mrs Netta & Charles to our network! Get ready for an exclusive peek into their lives, complete with drama and the delicious dishes by Mrs Netta! “

The network claims the show will be a “perfect blend of entertainment and mouthwatering moments” and is slated to premiere in March 2024.