With the midterm elections in less than a month, the NAACP has launched a new civic engagement-focused campaign to encourage the Black vote this upcoming Election Day. Since this election may be one of the most pivotal elections to date, members of the nation's largest nonpartisan civil rights organization are doing all they can to get Black folks to the voting booth.

"We must vote in far greater numbers because our lives, our very existence depends on it,” said NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson in the press release announcing the initiative.

In collaboration with GSSA, LLC, a Colorado data analytics group, the historic organization is mapping out the necessary numbers for Black folks to show up, show out and dominate the vote — especially in battleground states. The results will help the organization determine which communities are impacted by the elections, and help to boost representation at the polls while also focusing on leadership, discipline, organization structure, planning, coordination, implementation, and monitoring progress.

The NAACP worked with GSSA, LLC, a Colorado data analytics group and partner in the initiative, to map out metrics for the Black community to impact the elections and identify parity in registration and turnout of Black voters in battleground states. Success, however, will be measured by more than simply counting new registrants or increasing voter turnout. Of equal importance to success in this 2018 election will be a new and effective focus on leadership, discipline, organization structure, planning, coordination, implementation, and monitoring progress. The real test and aspiration rest in what’s expected to be left behind: increased energy and enthusiasm and a foundation for future success. 

“The initiative expects to achieve success through the use and intersection of four major strategies: The use of data-based targeting of infrequent voters and eligible but unregistered citizens; creativity in relational organizing – that is, friends talking to friends and more; especially strong coordination between and among all allied organizations; and research-based communications – why do black voters vote or not?” NAACP Vice President of Civic Engagement Jamal Watkins commented in the press release.

The NAACP understands that the Black vote could shift the results of midterm elections in a major way, and they are organizing to make sure it happens.

"In the current social, political and policy environment, change will only happen in our democracy through voting our interests and our conscience," said Johnson."The Black community can only improve its political and economic situation in America by becoming a potent political force.”