Naomi Campbell recently covered British GQ with grime artist Skepta in a steamy shoot that has people talking. The rumored couple look great together. @iamnaomicampbell @mainslondon photo by @anlestudio @lejenke

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The duo sat for a joint interview to discuss race, politics and their careers. 

Campbell is a legendary fashion icon who's modeled for more than three decades. She explains that at this point in her career, she does not book her gigs based on a need for fame. Instead, she chooses jobs based on how they will help black people.

“When I choose the job I’m going to do, when it’s offered to me … I don’t give a f**k about fame,” the 47-year-old said. “It’s not about that for me. It’s about what does it do for my people now. If I do this job, where can it go? Where does it lead to? What can I do for them? That’s where I’m thinking.”

Campbell also briefly spoke on Donald Trump saying “for those people that are ignorant, feel now that they can come out openly and show their ignorance because the leader of the free world is showing his.” 

Skepta, 35, seemed less enthusiastic to speak on any racial or political issues and quickly covered his ears when Donald Trump was mentioned. When asked about racism, he spoke about black rappers being racist to white rappers, calling it "hypocritical." 

“One stage, whites were racist to blacks, but now black rappers are saying in their songs ‘White bitch, she’ll sniff a line,’ stuff like that,” he explained. “It’s like why can black rappers say that? If a white rapper said ‘Black bitch … He would get crucified for saying that. I think everybody deep down knows wrong or right, so when people are being racist they know they’re being ignorant.”


Check out the interview below for yourself.