Some new media (a trailer, poster above, as well as a release date) for the dramedy titled The Comedian, which stars Edward Hogg, Elisa Lasowski, and our man from the hit UK series Misfits, Nathan Stewart- Jarrett.

Directed by Tom Shkolnik, the synopsis for The Comedian reads:

Ed is a stand up comedian in his early thirties, he is handsome, charming, witty and lost. Trying to make it on the London comedy circuit, he spends his nights performing in small rooms above pubs and his days making ends meet at a call centre. He lives with Elisa, a beautiful French singer, the two like brother and sister, inseparable, loving and asexual. One day, on a night bus home, Ed meets Nathan, a young black artist, blunt, honest and free. They immediately connect and begin a passionate affair. Suddenly Ed is faced with a choice between his attraction to a man and his love for a woman.

Obviously they’re all using their real first names as their characters’ names, and judging from the trailer below, the filmmaker appears to be going for naturalistic performances, and an ambiance that delivers a kind of neo-neo-realistic work, we could say.

Glad to see Stewart-Jarrett grow beyond the Misfits universe, which is really the only work we know him for; in recent months, we’ve highlighted 2 or 3 other non-Misfits projects he’s attached to.

The Comedian will open in the UK on May 31. No word on whether it’ll travel.

Here’s the first trailer for The Comedian.