NBA Teams On Verge Of Ditching The Racially Insensitive Title Of 'Owner'

For many players and fans, it's time for a change.

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

| June 10 2019,

06:12 am

According to TMZ, the rest of the league will join the Los Angeles Clippers and the Philadelphia 76ers who have already abandoned the distinction. An owner holds a 50% or more stake in the team. 

Chicago rap icon Common praised Commissioner Adam Silver for his leadership on the issue. "I'm so pleased," Common told TMZ. "The term owner — it didn't sit right with me. Nobody owns us."

The discourse around the issue hit its peak in 2018 when Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green expressed his qualms with the word during an appearance on "The Shop." 

"Very rarely do we take the time to rethink something and say, 'Maybe that's not the way,'" said Green. "Just because someone was taught that 100 years ago doesn't make that the right thing today. And so, when you look at the word 'owner,' it really dates back to slavery. The word 'owner,' 'master,' it dates back to slavery ... we just took the words and we continued to put it to use."

Steve Ballmer, the owner of the Clippers, has opted to use “chairman” of the team. Philadelphia now calls owners “managing partners,” while co-owners are called “limited partners.”

According to Silver's announcement on the matter, the league refers to owners as "governors."

"We refer to the owners of our teams as Governors; each team is represented on our Board of Governors."

Other leagues like the NFL have continued to use the title. Only time will tell if they ditch "owner" altogether.