South Carolina teachers are planning a second demonstration in the hopes to increase education funding in their state, with nearly 3,000 registered on Facebook to participate in the May 1 walkout.

"Those that care about public education in South Carolina demand better teacher pay, smaller class sizes, removing other duties as assigned from teacher contracts, less testing, and a pledge from our legislature that they will say no to for-profit charter schools and educational savings accounts," said the SC for Ed advocacy group.

Those partaking also made sure to acknowledge the downside of this protest.

"We know it is a sacrifice for educators to be out of their classrooms," SC for Ed said. "However, not participating in this event will only allow the cycle of detrimental education policy to continue in our state."

State Superintendent and Republican, Molly Spearman, encouraged the spirit of the walkout, but she did not stand by the decision of teachers to organize a second walkout.

“I support teachers using their voice to advocate for needed change and share in their commitment to ensuring reforms become reality. However, I cannot support teachers walking out on their obligations to South Carolina students, families, and the thousands of hardworking bus drivers, cafeteria workers, counselors, aides, and custodial staff, whose livelihoods depend on our schools being operational," Spearman said.

Multiple districts throughout the state, which serve a combined 123,000, will close for the day according to the Post and Courier.

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