Netflix is bringing Motown soul, through animation, to its platform. The still untitled show will come from the mind of Beat Bugs writer-director Josh Wakely. Beat Bugs, also on Netflix, is heavily inspired and driven by the music of The Beatles. Wakely is no stranger to incorporating classic music and animation to make something brand new.

The show’s protagonist, 8 year-old Ben, discovers that he can bring street art to life. And because he lives in the fictional Motown, based on Detroit, there’s art all around him to play with. Using his gift, Ben and friends, aim to bring life back into their city through animating art they see every day.

Contemporary artists that we know and love, will cover songs from the Motown vault, under the direction of Smokey Robinson. And these covers will be used to frame the lesson that the characters learn in each episode. Robinson said in a Netflix statement, “I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful new series that will embrace the magic of Motown and present our songs to a whole new generation of fans and their entire families. I’m so impressed with Josh’s creative vision for the series and can’t wait to play my part in bringing it to the world.”

The days of Saturday morning cartoons have been gone for a while. So anytime that the magic is being restored it’s up to us to show our support. The celebration of black culture through animation has a wonderful history on the small screen. And the fact that it will continue on Netflix is extra lit.

The soundtrack for the show’s first season will also be released on Melodia/Motown Records. Even though there isn’t a title, or release date yet, this one sounds like an instant classic.

Photo: Giphy
Photo: Giphy

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