Good vibes, energy and #blackgirlmagic? It’s no secret that there has been a shift in perspective in how we see witchcraft and its methods. Magic, mindfulness and mediation are just an everyday part of life for some. And one thing can be said without contest: As we seek to heal our bodies and disillusion ourselves from old ways of thinking, we are more receptive to trying new things. So it’s no wonder the modern mystic Bri Luna, most notably recognized for her stunning stiletto nails, has made such a whimsical wave on social media with her spills about healing crystals, her witchy witticism, and new moon rituals of which her occult followers—and inquiring minds—can read at length via her blog, The Hoodwitch.

“New moon, who dis?” Isn’t just a phrase, it’s a practice. In rhythmic phases, the moon helps guide humanity, and has for some millennia. Whether we are conscious of it or not, the moon bears some influence on our minds and bodies. With every new moon there is a reset, an opportunity for us set new intentions and goals, and to let go of bad habits and relationships.

But we know enough about this from reading The Hoodwitch’s guide to new moon rituals.

So, in the spirit of newness, we chatted with The Hoodwitch herself about “moon parties,” what a day in the life is like, and we learned she’s pretty much your girl next door…sorta.

Blavity: You live your life by the cycles of the moon, throwing what you call “moon parties” for family and friends. What might you cook at the next gathering? Do you consider yourself a good cook?

The Hoodwitch: During the new and full moons I would have potlucks for some of my favorite ladies. I planned my meals in accordance to what sign the moon was in for that month. No one ever got sick, and they usually ate seconds. I think that’s a pretty good sign, right? (kidding) I’m a Taurus, I love eating delicious food, so I love to cook. I think I’m pretty good at it.

B: And how does being a Taurus play into your personality?

H: I’m a Taurus Sun/Taurus Moon. I can be quite stubborn, I have a natural affinity for art, beauty, and materialistic shit. I’m the most happy being in nature (forest, desert or beach) as long as I’m surrounded by fresh air, with a lover, and eating lavishly, I’ll be happy .

B: What does ritual mean to you?

H: Ritual for me is prayer in motion.

B: What do you listen to when you meditate?

H: I like listening to my breathing and my heart.

Photo: The Hoodwitch
Photo: The Hoodwitch

B: Is there a TV in your apartment? If so, what are you watching? 

H: Yes, I have a television. It collects dust because I never actually have time to watch it. But when I do, I enjoy historical documentaries, independent stuff, sci-fi and the occasional ratchet reality show, hahaha!

B: Where’d you grow up? And would you consider it a “Psychic City?”

H: I grew up in Los Angeles,CA, and according to all those glowing neon signs, maybe it is.

B: Will you walk us through a typical day for Bri?

H: I wake up before the city, I light lots of candles, and from that point on there’s usually lots of loud music, coffee, tea or expensive green juice involved.

Photo: The Hoodwitch
Photo: The Hoodwitch

B: What crystals are you keeping especially close right now? Why?

H: I’ve been wearing a lot of large vintage turquoise jewelry. Turquoise is a stone of love, protection and wisdom. It balances the emotions and encourages a positive disposition. It also looks excellent against brown skin, but that’s just an added perk.

the hoodwitch
Photo: The Hoodwitch

B: What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned from your online community, Abracadabra?

H: Regardless of what spiritual path or practice you choose, that path is yours. Hopefully, it brings you to a place of peace.

B: What words of wisdom would you give someone who’s new to or curious about mysticism?

H: In the words of Abraham Hicks, “If something feels off, it is.” TRUST YOURSELF.

Would you try a new moon ritual? Leave your thoughts and comments below. 

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