It’s resolution season! How excited are you?! *insert sarcasm here*
giphy I’m not a fan of New Year's Resolutions because mine always seem to be grandiose. Moreover, why start in the New Year what you can start today? Ambitious women know it best — short-term goal setting is where it’s at. I’m talking minute-to-minute play by plays of how your day should pan out. If a 17-minute power nap is necessary, pencil it in! Handwriting even your smallest intentions leads to very tangible results. This might be dismal at first, but once you establish the short-term habit, long-term greatness will unfold.

  1. Constructing monthly and yearly plans is vital.

    Photo: [@BlavityLife via IG] Whether you have professional, personal, physical or financial ambitions, envision your growth and the necessary steps that will take you to the next level. For example, by December of 2016 I hope to have attained and maintained my weight at 135 lbs. That means that I have to construct monthly weight goals, daily meal plans and make time for 1-2 hour gym sessions. There are levels to the fitness game and I chose #SquatsNotShots.

  2. Set a journal and/or hourly planner and pen on your nightstand.

    Photo: [@Blavitylife via IG] This will prompt you to immediately draft your schedule for the day first thing in the morning or right before you go to bed. Make sure you allot travel, lunch and break times because you’re not a robot! The most efficient people take adequate breaks throughout their day.

  3. Make a vision board!

    Photo: [via] It can consist of what ever brings your joy and elicits motivation. My vision board is a hot conglomerate of quotes, Beyonce and Michael B.(ae) Jordan pictures, facets of my proposed business plan, my favorite articles and colors… Everything and anything that keeps me going. It’s also strategically placed beside my dresser mirror so that every time I look at myself, I see icons representing what I can be in the future. It’s positive reinforcement!

  4. Don’t be afraid to reach out to strangers.

    Photo: [via] Yes, strangers. In this digital age it’s as easy at @-ing someone you emulate. Many of our peers provide business emails in theIR Twitter and IG profiles, so use them! If you have an idea for collaboration or need some advice, contact someone with the appropriate expertise. Setting short-term goals does not mean you have to struggle through details and obstacles that others have already conquered. Asking for help from others is both a humbling and learning experience. Remember, you are who you surround yourself with. And that’s totally applicable to your inbox. It goes down in the DMs.

  5. Reward yourself for short-term accomplishments.

    Photo: [@Beyonce via IG] Photo: @Beyonce via IG [/caption]

If you stayed under budget and saved some money this pay period, reward yourself with something small that’s been lingering on your “to-get” list. Girl, did you lose three pounds this month? Eat a large pizza in one sitting; all of it. Life is about balance. What better way to appreciate your growth than to indulge in the things you love? Remember: your short-term goals should be simple, concrete and attainable. The benefits and results will reveal themselves once you start checking items off that to-do list or planner. If you haven’t already started, take the rest of 2015 to visualize your life in the next month and year. Then start 2016 off right! Setting and executing those goals will slowly but surely lead to you living the life you’ve dreamed.

Share some of your goals below!