Why I Think Nicki Gets The "W"

Just When You thought Remy Had It

Photo credit:Photo: Young Money / Cash Money Records

| March 11 2017,

8:53 pm

Remy may have won the battle but Nicki won the war. 

In a microwave society, an artist’s ability to stay relevant depends on controversy and publicity stunts. Beefs that start seemingly out of nowhere --  I say seemingly because I know someone has documented Remy v. Nicki, but that’s irrelevant to my case -- have turned into over-glorified boxing matches, false set claiming, and Instagram meme wars instead of hard hitting lyrics. 

Long gone are the diss records from the East Coast vs. West Coast era, Nas vs Jay or even 50 vs. JaRule. “Wins” now, are not only calculated in publicity and popularity but in what you do with it.

Remy flopped. Lyrically and delivery wise I expected more. While there were a few punchlines that made me go “woah”, this spike in publicity should have been used to push a solo record. Instead, she read lyrics like Hooked On Phonics over a seven-minute beat that, rumor has it, didn’t even get cleared by Universal. Then followed up with the Drake “Back to Back” method on a track that was subpar. 

She also went as far as to state she has all her masters while Nicki a 360 deal, but having all your masters is only relevant when you’re making coins off your songs. A dude selling records out of the trunk of a car also has all his masters. The question is, what do you do with it?

While Remy was smart for using the Drumline method (gunning for the P1), she should have been smart enough to stop at track number one and instead replenish a solo song catalog that had nothing to do with Nicki while she had the bulk of music buyers in the palm of her hand. 

The generation she captured with “shEther” only has vague memories of “Conceited” Reminisce Mackie. This would have been the opportunity to tap into the pockets of those who are tired of the Nicki Minaj monopoly. 

Instead, she blew a 25 point lead, leaving her looking super pressed. 

Onika Minaj, however, wasn’t any better. Nicki strutted around Paris with her titty hanging out seeming to be unbothered, all the while plotting to release not one, not two, but three songs that will not only chart but that she can perform in its perpetuity. I only wish she would have given us substance. She didn’t need to break down on her Instagram powerpoints. 

I was expecting “Itty Bitty Piggy” Nicki, but I guess her giving us “Change It” was her way of telling us that isn’t her anymore, and frankly I’m disappointed. As a throwback Barb from when Nicki was on the video mixtapes, I expected an epic clap-back and was let down like a child waiting for their daddy to pick them up for the weekend.

Needless to say,

Having dudes write her raps is one of the same things she got called out for doing to begin with. You can’t be the queen of rap calling for backup sis. 

This beef isn’t gritty hamburger meat, it’s filet mignon wrapped in bacon -- commercial hip-hop at it’s finest. Everything these artists do is for a reason. They literally pay people to tell them which move to make. From a hip-hop standpoint, they both can do better, but in terms of PR, it's a win for Nicki. So go ahead and give Nicki her "dub" for riding the wave of this stunt and doing what Remy didn’t do -- secure the bag.

If y’all were really looking for real hip-hop you would have given Joe Budden his props when he came at Drake or realized the 4/4 EP from Meek Mill was better than “Back to Back.” 

As for this Remy vs. Nicki trash “beef”, they better step it up or shut up, because we all know some female rappers that can body both of them.