NLE Choppa is defending LGBTQ fans after he got homophobic responses to a tweet of his in which he stated that he wanted to perform at a Pride Month event to thank the queer community.

On June 13, he thanked his new supporters for their love for his recent single “Slut Me Out 2.”

“I want to perform ‘Slut Me Out 2’ at a pride event in return of the love yall showed me!!,” he tweeted. As a result, many of his fans were in disbelief at his tweet and responded with negative comments.

“This n***a zesty ass be tweakin,” a Twitter user wrote

NLE responded to the tweet saying, “I’m secure, I know who I am. Show love it won’t hurt and also you do know women are a part of the LGBTQ community right[,] you gone hate them too? I mean at the least appreciate the women in that community if everything else make you uncomfortable king.”

“I’m noticing the LGBTQ community showing so much love to “Slut Me Out 2” And I Simply Want To Say Thank You,” he tweeted back in April. “IDC what’s normalized as a rapper, I was raised to F**k with who f**k with you! So thank y’all for appreciating my craft.. My music For ALL we do NO Discrimination.”

Furthermore, following speculation about NLE Choppa’s sexual orientation, the rapper addressed the issue on social media. As a result of the comments, he boasts about being confident in his skin.

“I understand me being in love with myself as a BLACK MAN is so RARE to the point some people try putting the homosexual jacket on my name, but with all due respect, I love ALL, but my intimacy lies with women only,” he tweeted.

As a result, he also had a few words for his male listeners calling them “lost” after reading their comments on Twitter. 

“I’m gay for showing love?” Choppa replied. “Y’all men lost that’s why we killing each other every day cause yall can’t show love and whole time yall be the ones that get down like that but be hiding it! Me saying thank you got nun to do with my sexuality busta.”