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No Chaser is a new web series presented by Brown In The City  that addresses relational topics. It features an all black male cast who speak open and honestly about dating with children, celibacy, racial preferences and more! No Chaser strives to provoke dialogue, kill stereotypes in the black community and of course make you laugh while doing it!

No Chaser is all about men giving you straight answers to the questions ladies usually social media stalk to find.

New episodes drop on Mondays. So far, the series has tackled topics including racial preferences and online dating. We have a great cast, that will have you hooked. 

Thomas is founder and CEO of Date While You Wait.

Fr!day is a musician, you can find his music on Soundcloud.

Lindsay and Dion are both professional actors.

Lex is a photographer and TV Producer.

Kirk is a photographer and video editor.

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Brooklyn native with a background in television production. Creator of "No Chaser" web series. Coffee and dark chocolate lover!