North West loves to dress up, and her latest look had fans online in tears. The 10-year-old is an internet sensation with comedic videos, a larger-than-life personality and fashionable looks. A resurfaced picture of West dressed as her grandmother, Kris Jenner, has gone viral.

West is wearing Jenner’s everyday vibe in the photo — a black blazer, black camisole, a chunky diamond necklace, black purse, dangling long earrings and a short wig to replicate Jenner’s hair. The funniest aspect of the photo is West flexing her lips to look like they have lip injections.

It’s not the first time she’s dressed up like someone else. Earlier this year, she went viral for dressing up as her father, Kanye “Ye” West, and favorite artist, Ice Spice. North wore a light pink tracksuit, the infamous buttercup necklace and a red curly Afro wig.