Now that President Obama no longer sits in the White House, he cares not what his haters think!

Judge him, criticize him, hate on him, he's still gon' do him!

While speaking at a town hall in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Wednesday, July 18, the coolest POTUS ever spoke his mind concerning the current social climate surrounding our hot mess of a country. 

The 44th American president gave a profound and noteworthy speech to 200 students at the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg. 

“Women in particular … I want you to get more involved because men have been getting on my nerves lately," Obama said. 

The Obama Foundation hosted the town hall, HuffPost reports, and he is utilizing this trip to Africa to engage folks on the organization's purpose "to inspire and empower people to change their world."

Sounds like he's inspiring women to change the world and motivating men to get their s**t together.

Peep the full video below: 

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