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#Obamaday helps us remember our greatest POTUS moments

Photo: Susan Walsh

The day has finally come where we have to vote a new President into office. It's a difficult day for all of us. We're not only losing our President in a couple of months, but a member of our family. Twitter user @ReignofApril started the #ObamaDay hashtag, asking users to relive that moment when President Obama won in 2008. Twitter took it beyond that. They remembered their favorite moments from his tenure and reminded us of why its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. *cue Boyz II Men*

Even though we are celebrating #Obamaday we had to vote first.

Now the fun begins...

For some it was the first time they were able to vote in an election.

How could we forget where it all began?

Then he came back and hit us with the second win.

He served us well for 8 years.

He had an amazing family.

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama stayed snatched.

He was our President but he was human.

He gave us great advice, especially Kanye.

He inspired us to go to college.

He helped us recognize relationship goals by the way he looked at FLOTUS.

He was charming and hilarious.

He touched our hearts and left an impression upon our children.

But it's not just him. It's Uncle Joe too.

Today isn't his last day in office. ( We still have two more months folks.) He's already taken his final bow, but it still feels good to celebrate him.

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