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Of Course Cardi B Licked Her iHeart Radio Music Award After Thanking Her Haters In This Hilarious Acceptance Speech

We're starting to say this every year, but this is Cardi's year.

Rapper Cardi B is having another incredible year, and it's all thanks to her haters.

The "Money" artist couldn't be there in person to accept her iHeartRadio Music award for hip-hop artist of the year but still kept the audience laughing with her delightfully relatable acceptance speech. 

"I gotta thank my haters, you know what I’m saying," Cardi said via video. "Because y'all be saying mean things and y’all be thinking those mean things is gonna discourage me. But that just makes me go harder, because if everybody give me compliments, then, you know, I get comfortable."

She delivered her signature laugh before closing with, "So you actually make me go harder. So thank you."

Kulture's mother gave fans a vague response as to why she was unable to attend the ceremony. "I'm busy doing a couple of things," she said in the pre-recorded video.

As if the speech alone wasn't enough to turn heads, the Bronx native then passionately licked her trophy before bidding farewell to the audience. 

Cardi is no stranger to accepting well-earned awards. In February, the "Bickenhead" rapper won her first Grammy for best rap album for her debut album, Invasion of Privacy. Always true to herself, Bardi jokingly said onstage she should start smoking weed as a way to calm her nerves. 

In more history-making news, another one of Cardi's singles has cemented its place in history. According to Billboard, "Girls Like You," the Maroon 5 song that features her sassy bars, becomes just the sixth single in Billboard's 60-year history to spend 40 weeks in a top 20 spot.

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