An off-duty police officer was shot by "friendly-fire" at the scene of a St. Louis stolen car chase late Wednesday night. 

It was initially told to reporters by Interim Police Chief Lawrence O’Toole that the officer was hit in a crossfire between on-the-clock police and the stolen car suspects while attempting to offer assistance at the site of the eventual car crash. 

But that story changed as the day went on.

Police are now saying that the unnamed 38-year-old, 11-year vet was injured by fellow colleagues in a separate incident away from the scene. 

An investigation revealed that the off-duty officer heard the chaos resulting from the high-speed chase and crash near his home. He then left his house with his department-issued gun to check on the disturbance. Two officers met him and ordered him to the ground which he then complied with and after the on-duty Police recognized him as a fellow Police they told him he could stand up and meet them. 

But another officer, an unnamed 36-year-old who has been with the department for 8 years, arrived at the scene and immediately opened fire. The off-duty officer was hit in the arm just as he was complying with orders. 

No word on why the officer showed up to the scene and immediately pegged his colleague as a suspect, opening fire, but we have a pretty good idea….

Two of the actual suspects were apprehended and taken into custody after allegedly exchanging fire with police. One was shot in the ankle during the crossfire and a third suspect escaped. 

It is reported that the seven officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave which is department policy. 

As for the injured off-duty officer? Chief O'Toole was thankful he was in "good condition". 

"It's always a touch-and-go situation," she mused. "It could have been a lot worse tonight."