Update (April 3, 2021)The suspect who rammed his car into a barricade outside the U.S. Capitol on Friday, killing one officer, has been identified as 25-year-old Noah Green from Indiana.

Police also revealed more information on Green's background, who is accused of killing officer William Evans and injuring another officer, NBC News reported. Green, who was shot and killed by police when he allegedly jumped out of his car with a knife after crashing into the two officers, was a Virginia resident. Investigators also looked at his social media posts, which revealed that he had been expressing his struggles in life. 

“I am currently now unemployed after I left my job partly due to afflictions, but ultimately, in search of a spiritual journey,” Green wrote on his now-deleted Facebook page.

The Indiana native published several posts referencing the teachings of the Nation of Islam, police said. He also posted about the “end times” and warned about the “last days of our world as we know it.” In his final Facebook post on March 21, Green shared a YouTube video titled “The crucifixion of Michael Jackson” during which Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, gives a 150-minute sermon in the video to defend the accusations against Michael Jackson.

According to MetroNews, the 25-year-old played football and ran track at Glenville State College in West Virginia before transferring to Christopher Newport University in Virginia, where he obtained a degree in finance in 2019. 

In the same year, he submitted a name change request in a Marion County, Indiana, court, hoping to be identified as Noah Zaeem Muhammad. However, he failed to show up for the hearing scheduled for last week.

Original (April 2, 2021)A Capitol Hill Police officer identified as William "Billy" Evans was killed on Friday after an attacker rammed his car into a security booth. The attacker has died in custody and one other officer was injured in the attack, USCP Chief Yogananda Pittman said in a press conference, CNN reported. 

“The suspect exited the vehicle with a knife in hand,” Pittman said, adding that the attack occurred at a vehicle checkpoint on Constitution Avenue on the north side of the Capitol building.

According to the Associated Press and The New York Times, the suspected attacker, identified as Noah Green, hit the two officers with their car before getting out and lunging at them with a knife. 

The police shot at the attacker before all three were taken to a local hospital where one officer and the suspect died. 

"It is with a very heavy heart that I announce one of our officers has succumbed to his injuries. This has been a very difficult time for the Capitol Police department. I ask that you keep our U.S. Capitol Police family in your prayers,” Pittman said. 

"He did not respond to verbal commands. The suspect did start lunging toward U.S. Capitol Police officers, at which time U.S. Capitol Police officers fired upon the suspect. The suspect has been pronounced deceased," Pittman added.

The buildings around the Capitol were mostly empty except for a few journalists and congressional staffers due to Congress being in recess. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has ordered flags to be flown at half staff in honor of the Capitol Police officer who died. 

Many congressional aides spoke to WUSA9 and said because it was Good Friday, most people were not in the Capitol Building but for those who were, it was a terrifying reminder of the danger the area continues to face. 

"Shocking and horrifying to see the Capitol attacked again. These officers will be in my thoughts, my thanks to them and to all the men and women in uniform protecting the Capitol," House Rep. Don Beyer wrote on Twitter. 

This is the first time a Capitol Hill Police officer has died since the Jan. 6 attack on Congress by supporters of former President Donald Trump, where five people died and dozens of officers were injured.

The Associated Press noted that after erecting a massive fence around the building after the Jan. 6 raid, security officials have begun taking it down in recent weeks after criticism from local officials. 

However, police have said there is no connection between the most recent attack and the Jan. 6 raid. 

Robert Contee, acting chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, later said at the press conference that the attack "does not appear to be terrorism related."