Since the resurgence of B2K with 2019’s The Millennium Tour, we have been front row center for the drama.

Recently, lead singer Omarion sat with The Breakfast Club to promote his new book, Unbothered, but on the show, Omarion came off pretty bothered about fellow B2K member Raz B.

In his book, Omarion shared an emotional moment about Raz B after J Boog mocked Raz’s sexual assault allegations against Chris Stokes. In that portion of the book, the singer talked about when he realized Raz was hurting.

During the interview with The Breakfast Club, Omarion was asked how he felt his bandmate was progressing with his mental and emotional health, and he gave an interesting perspective.

Tweet Courtesy of @Glock_Topickz

“I think for Raz, it’s interesting,” he said. “You know he obviously is intelligent enough to see an opportunity to speak about things and use it to his advantage. I never heard him say he’s been triggered. On tour, I had offered him opportunities to better his process, and he didn’t take those opportunities.”

“The thing that is tough for me, and a lot of people, to understand, is that I’m the type of brother that you have to hold your brother accountable,” he continued. “So when he said he was triggered, I think that is something that he could have felt. But if people actually watch the doc, I was there supporting him. Although that small clip was out there, me and my team were supporting him. Asking him what he needed, trying to figure out our best to help him with these traumatic things that he’s been through. So I think that it’s interesting that … that was the part he chose to sign off on for the documentary.”