nullOprah Winfrey's much publicized and talked about two-part interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong was the all time ratings hit that OWN expected it to be.

Or maybe it wasn't…

The first part of the interview, on Thursday, pulled in 3.2 million viewers, with the second part on Friday night pulling in 1.1 viewers, for a total of 4.3 viewers for the entire interview.

However, media sources are saying that the champ still is Winfrey's interview with Whitney Houston's family, a month after her death in March, in which the single show (not a two-parter like Armstrong's) pulled in 3.5 million viewers.

But since the Armstrong interview was, in effect, one long interview split into two, then one could consider it actually just one show which would mean that it did give OWN its the biggest audience ever.

But then again, in regards to the Houston family show, the numbers it got may even be higher when you consider that the Houston family show was repeated several times on OWN bringing in millions more.

It's all so confusing, but who's complaining at OWN? The Armstrong shows were, no doubt, a huge success for OWN which right now averages about one million viewers a day.

Even better news was that, in Canada, the Armstrong interview, which was broadcast on OWN Canada, was the highest rated English language cable show last Thursday night in the entire country. And there's no debate about that.