On New Years Day 2017, the Oakland community gathered at Fruitvale BART Station to celebrate the life of Oscar Grant for the 8th time since he was lost at the hands of BART police. 

Oscar's death marked the beginning of an ever-growing list of police brutality footage caught in the digital age but on this day, the city gathered to celebrate life more so than to mourn death. 

Musicians, poets, political figures and loved ones joined the vigil in the spirit of unity, exemplifying the characteristic synonymous with the Oakland community. In attendance were performers such as Sol Development, Young Gifted and Black, Kev Choice and Gina Madrid accompanied by community stakeholders, BART Board member Lateefah Simon, city councilwoman Lynette Gibson McElhaney and civil rights lawyer John Burris. 

Oscar's family graciously thanked the community for championing his honor in continued support. The fight to change Fruitvale BART station to be named after Oscar Grant is ongoing.

You can check out highlights from the vigil above. 

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