P.A.T Junior has been through a ton. And who hasn’t? The amount of energy and focus needed to tackle everyday life can take a toll. Sometimes we don’t have 100 percent to give that day, sometimes the tribulations of life knock us down. P.A.T Junior reminds us that during those times, there’s a crucial choice to be made. We can succumb to our vices and stay on the ground or we can get up and push on. P.A.T chose to push forward and Learning to Live (In A Day) is that journey.

Hip-hop is in an interesting limbo right now, because although we have artists pushing a trap sound, we also have artists such as Kendrick Lamar who are paying homage to the past and progressing hip-hop forward. In yet another corner, we have underground heads latched onto the ’90s and refusing to let go. P.A.T Junior is able to encompass all of these sounds and vibes in Learning to Live. With production kept in-house by Justin Pelham, Daniel Steele, and P.A.T Junior himself, we’re able to get a cohesive sound that’s still diverse.

Learning to Live (In A Day) is a journey, we feel the hurt and the constant struggle to be successful. In that same breath, P.A.T Junior also helps us feel his triumph, his success and his happiness. In 12 tracks, LTL is concise, to-the-point, yet still packed with anecdotes and a call to action in these dark days.

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