Patti LaBelle and Cardi B have teamed up for a seasonal campaign that will have you feeling festive this time of year!

The pair spoke with People about the new partnership featuring their two dessert brands: Cardi’s Whipshots alcoholic whipped cream and Patti’s Good Life pies.

While the two hadn’t met before beginning to work together, LaBelle spoke highly of the rapper and always felt a motherly connection to her.

“I’ve been her mother in my mind for a long time because she’s just all that and a bag of chips. And I’m all that and a bag of chips,” the 79-year-old said of Cardi.

Cardi has always spoken in past interviews about being starstruck around other musical artists. This time was no different since the 31-year-old revealed she was nervous to meet the “Godmother of Soul.”

“I feel like I’m not worthy, I just feel so shook!” Cardi told People. “I’m super starstruck. I’m on my best behavior.”

“Oh, don’t be on your best behavior with me because I’m really bad,” LaBelle said jokingly.

Cardi said as the pair continued talking, “Miss Patti, I will be doing splits on these tables.”

The “WAP” artist added LaBelle’s successful food brand, Patti’s Good Life, inspired her to launch a food business.

“I got to take [inspiration] from you,” she said of her Whipshots brand.

According to Billboard, Cardi launched the alcohol-infused whipped cream line in Dec. 2021, with flavors like pumpkin spice, peppermint, vanilla, mocha and caramel.

The social campaign featuring the two musical artists began on Thursday, and People provided fans with an exclusive sneak peek.

The outlet shared two versions of the campaign: a quick clip of LaBelle welcoming Cardi into her home as festive music played in the background. The video also showed the pair hugging, saying “cheers” while eating the famed sweet potato pie and whipped cream.

The second video is a full-length clip of the pair sharing their food products, with Cardi suggesting which whipped cream flavor would go best with LaBelle’s pie.

In the clip, Cardi rings the doorbell to LaBelle’s home, and the two briefly share a big hug. As she stepped inside, LaBelle told Cardi, “I’m going to feed you,” as she began listing the food options.

“We’re going to try your Whipshots with my Patti pie,” LaBelle told Cardi.

Cardi also suggested, “Let’s do pumpkin,” but LaBelle was skeptical of mixing the two and asked, “Pumpkin for sweet potato?”

The rapper spoke confidently on her suggestion, stating the two products “make love together.”

“You gotta trust me on this one,” Cardi said, to which LaBelle responded, “I trust you, boo!”

As the pair tasted the dessert combo, they were instantly pleased with Cardi’s suggestion.

“I knew it!” Cardi said as LaBelle was pleasantly surprised by the taste. “That sweet potato pie tastes like a hug,” Cardi said as they embraced.

Watch the first full-length seasonal campaign below.