The legendary Patti LaBelle recently spared no feelings while sharing her feelings about an appearance on The Tyra Banks Show.

LaBelle discussed memorable moments in a recent episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show, and she brought up when she encountered a guest on supermodel Banks’ talk show, which lasted from 2005-2011. LaBelle said she had to check a chef that was on the show to share cupcake recipes during a baking segment with Banks. 

“Then there was the one with the cupcake. The girl thought I was going to eat the paper. Woo-wee…I wanted to slap that heifer so hard,” she said, waving one of her hands in the air pretending to slap someone.

During the Tyra episode, LaBelle held the cupcake and turned to the audience to let them know it had “paper on it” before quickly smelling and checking it out.

The chef raised her hand and said to LaBelle, “Yeah, you can’t eat the paper.”

“Nope, but you can touch it with your hands,” the icon swiftly responded before setting the cupcake down and shaking her head.

She rolled her eyes, confused by the woman’s assumption she would eat the paper wrapped around the cupcake.

The “New Attitude” singer then turned to the audience and said, “‘You can’t eat the paper.’ Girl, I know you can’t eat the paper.”

The audience laughed at LaBelle’s irritation loud enough to cause Banks to pause the segment to ask what she was doing to keep the live audience laughing.

The baking guest responded, “She is causing trouble.”

The “Godmother of Soul” then had to ask the chef why she would want to taste the cupcake wrapping, which caused an exchange that led to her checking the woman.

In the interview with Hudson, LaBelle laughed after recalling the moment and said, “It was so many moments about my life that I was happy about that was fun.”