A former Multnomah County, Oregon employee was reportedly fired for complaining about racist language he observed being spoken while on the job. Now, the county has to pay up. 

Emmanuel Price was rewarded $200,000 for the pain and mental anguish he suffered while off the job. That is only 40 percent of the $470,000 sought in the March 2017 lawsuit, according to Oregon Live.  

Price, who is black and Hispanic, told the news site that he was hired to increase knowledge about multiculturalism and inclusion as a member of the county’s Office of Diversity and Equity. When he tried to do that, everything went south.

"I got fired for what I got hired for," Price said in an interview. He was still in his three-month probationary period — having started in December 2015, the suit states.

In January 2016, Price confronted Sgt. Tim Sessions during a presentation about cyberbullying. Sessions was allegedly making light of the issue by laughing at a Mexican child who, when he argued with a black child, could not pronounce the n-word, stated in a 2017 Oregon Live report.  

"During this meeting, Sessions apologized, but then he and Lt. Mike Fort stated that they would try not to use the (word) but there were some occasions where they would need to actually say it," the lawsuit says. "Price found this to be offensive and unreasonable."

Price stopped the presentation because the men reportedly used the slur. Afterwards, he also told human resources about the incident. However, he was fired nine days later for poor attendance and failure to communicate with higher-ups, but the lawsuit claims he was fired because of race. The $200,000 check Price will be cashing may have proven just that.  


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