A good Samaritan is demanding answers after he was confronted by police for giving free haircuts to those in need. 

Philadelphia barber Brennon Jones was approached by police last Wednesday as he was cutting hair. A video capturing the incident showed Jones giving a man a trim as police walked up to shut down his outdoor setup. According to CBS Philadelphia, the officer told Jones to turn off his clippers and walk away

"He just basically came over and said, ‘Listen, I got a call from my sergeant. You have to shut down immediately,’” Jones told Eyewitness News. “No explanation, nothing.”

In the short cellphone video, the officer walked around the barber and pulled out an object that appears to be a small notebook. The cameraman narrating demanded answers, as well. 

Jones became a national sensation in 2017 when news of his good deeds made headlines. After the police tried to shut Jones down, the charitable groomer told the officer to call the mayor first. 

Unbeknownst to the unnamed officer, both Mayor Jim Kenney and the NBA 76ers recognized the barber in 2017 for his Haircut for the Homeless program — which helps get transient people back on their feet. 

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The last three years were smooth for Jones as he has cut and groomed people in the same location.

“I come here every other week,” Jones said. “And I cut their hair, and I’ve been doing it the last three years.” However, his good luck ran out due to this most recent encounter with authorities. 

As the video of the incident began to circulate online, the police caught on and decided to comment on the viral Twitter thread. The Philadelphia Police Department reached out to Twitter user @_SJPeace_ and released some info regarding the police officer on the scene. 

An undisclosed number of businesses allegedly complained about loose hair near their properties. The officer seen in the video was called out and confronted Jones to demand he stop. Jones then offered to clean the mess.

The barber used the location several times before without any issue before the incident. 

Jones' story has inspired others to come to his defense. Supporters pointed out the alleged racial bias. And even a lawyer offered his services for free to help anyone subjected to police harassment of this nature.  

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