Summer is right around the corner and so is graduation. By now, two things are happening: You're grinding and pulling all-nighters to get those last few papers and recommendations for internships in or senioritis has finally reared its ugly (and lazy) head. You've been spending class time daydreaming and planning out every detail of life after college.

But as many of us know, things don't always go as planned… 

Sometimes that dream internship is more like walking across the Brooklyn bridge to get cheesecake for Diddy…every single day. Sometimes, it doesn't turn into a job. Sometimes, that "brief" moving back in with your parents stint lasts longer than you planned. Sometimes, it may even seem that your efforts towards your dreams go unnoticed or unappreciated.

The post-grad life struggle is real, but it doesn't have to hold you back! Here are four essential things to remember during #StruggleSZN.

1. Don't Compare Your Journey To Someone Else's 

With social media at an all-time high, it can be easy to count other people's wins as a loss of your own— especially when you're in the same field.  But, it's important to not let the success of others bruise our ego. Congratulate that person and don't let their win deter or discourage you from working towards a personal win of your own! Life after college is all about patience. 

2. Explore and Hone in on Your Other Talents

It may take longer than you thought to get your dream job— and that's okay. While you're waiting to become the Olivia Pope of your industry, explore your other talents.  Do you like picking up the camera from time to time? How about making graphics on Illustrator for fun? Watch a few YouTube tutorials and practice your craft. Not only can you turn it into your flourishing side hustle, but you can also add these talents to your resume!

3. Network

In 2017, it's about who you know just as much as the quality of your work. Hit some young creative events in your city and get to know the people in your field. Live in a small town? No problem. Join in on Twitter chats with platforms like Blk Creatives and be a part of the conversation. You'll learn something new and may even build connections across the states and the globe!

4. Remember Why You Chose Your Career Path

Any time you get discouraged, think back to that moment you finally decided what you wanted to pursue. Remember how good it felt explaining your plan to your parents. Remember how you stayed up writing out goals and how excited you feel every time you're close. You didn't choose this path for the money or for popularity— you chose it because you were passionate about it. It's normal to get sidetracked and to second guess why you even want to follow your dream. When you feel down, take a second to live in that moment then let it be the battery in your back to keep moving forward!